And the winner is….!

Congratulations to Jonathan Niccol of Companion Care in Worcester who is the lucky winner of our trolley  prize draw at the London Vet Show.  One of our compact trolleys will be winging its way to you shortly. Thanks to everyone that entered the competition on our stand.

London Vet Show 2014

We had a very successful trip to the London Vet Show last week in Olympia.  The show was really busy and we had lots of interesting conversations with many delegates. You can see some photos of the Gratnells Veterinary stand here

New animation from BioCote

We were very interested to see this new animation from BioCote which clearly demonstates how its antimicrobial treatment helps prevent the spread of bacteria and microbes.   All our frames and trolleys are treated with BioCote additive, along with a range of our trays and baskets too. So if infection control is important in your …
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Antibiotic Awareness Week. And Friday’s Bacterium Is…?

For today’s final mystery bacterium, and our final one of the week, we have an organism that manages to get everywhere and causes a wide range of clinical signs. Can you name the mystery bacterium? Here are some hints about today’s guest bacterium: In birds, especially chickens and turkeys, it’s associated with avian cholera, but …
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Antibiotic Awareness Week. And Thursday’s Mystery Bacterium Is…?

For today’s mystery bacterium, we have a highly contagious pathogen that causes disease in dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs, as well as being closely related to the cause of whooping cough in humans. Can you name the mystery bacterium? Here are some hints about today’s guest bacterium: The symptoms in dogs are closest to the …
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Antibiotic Awareness Week. Wednesday’s mystery bacterium is…?

For today’s mystery bacterium, we have a genus of bacteria that can infect all our veterinary species, but is most commonly associated with acute kidney disease in dogs and abortion in cattle. Sheep and cats generally act as asymptomatic carriers, while the human form of the disease is often associated with workers who come into …
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Antibiotic Awareness Week. And Tuesday’s Mystery Bacterium Is…?

For today’s ‘name that bacterium’ quiz, we have quite a picky little pathogen, which affects only one family of mammals in which there is one extant genus and two main veterinary species (plus their hybrids). On the other hand, once it gets into a population of animals it can create havoc, particularly in premises with …
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Antibiotic Awareness Week: And Monday’s Mystery Bacterium Is…?

Kicking off our five days of ‘name that bacterium’ quizzes, we have quite a celebrity organism today. Best known as a ‘superbug’ in humans, this bacterium can also cause infections in dogs, cats and horses especially. Can you name the bacterium? Here are some clues about today’s mystery bacterium: Most commonly it causes difficult-to-treat infections …
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International Antibiotic Awareness Week

Did you know that this week is International Antibiotic Awareness Week, and that today is European Antibiotic Awareness Day?  There’s been a fair bit of activity over on the human medicine side, but not so much in the veterinary world up until now. Possibly that’s because veterinary practices have other things on their minds with the London …
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Coughs and Sneezes

Clocks have gone back, nights are drawing in, and ‘flu season is approaching. There are all sorts of theories about why humans suffer from more respiratory infections in the winter, and there’s probably a grain of truth in most of them. One thing we do know, however, is that lots of hardworking veterinary surgeons and …
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