Storage system for Vets

A complete vet storage system, perfect for veterinary supplies and instruments

Veterinary Storage News

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Gratnells offers a vet storage system, perfect for veterinary supplies and equipment. The robust, heavy-duty Gratnells veterinary storage system comprises frames, trolleys, trays and baskets Ė which all work together. This integrated approach provides a complete storage solution thatís quickly become an essential part of the working day for veterinary practices.

A storage system with many benefits

Those already benefiting from using a Gratnells vet storage system claim increased efficiency through deploying its unified system. Mobile trolleys, can be equipped with veterinary supplies directly from sterile stores via tray-to-tray transfer, and then moved quickly from room to room, depending on patient needs. This reduces preparation time, which can result in speedier patient recovery. Larger storage units in the back office and dispensary also help to improve stock control of veterinary supplies and profitability through increased storage effectiveness.

Whatever the size of your veterinary practice, a correct, tidy hygienic storage approach is absolutely essential. So if your storage is piling up on you, or if itís cracking under the strain of the demands in a busy environment, take a look at the Gratnells integrated veterinary storage system Ė the ultimate veterinary storage solution.